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The acronym D.E.M.O.C.R.A.T stands for Democratic Ethiopian Movement of Creative Reform and Transformation and it is an organization first conceived and founded by Dr. Ghelawdewos Araia in 2009 and then an attempt was made to reach out all Ethiopians in Ethiopia and the Diaspora; soon after it began its initial task by establishing a board of directors, however, because the larger Ethiopian society in general and the various Ethiopian communities in particular were polarized by ethnic politics, the organization was not launched until September 26, 2012. Even then, it was impossible to get hold of the diverse Ethiopian national groups to work together for a common goal; now, although ethno-nationalist tendencies have not subsided yet, there are promising signs that Ethiopians can pull together for a grand and common Ethiopian national agenda, and we at DEMOCRAT are encouraged to put the pieces together, and as a result we have begun our mission on September 2018 and laid the necessary operational and guideline infrastructure  to catapult the mission and objectives of DEMOCRAT. The organizational structure of DEMOCRAT and its departments as well as the aims and goals of the organization will be made available for public consumption at a later date. However, by way of kicking off DEMOCRAT here below is its mission and objectives:

Mission and Objectives of DEMOCRAT

Democratic Ethiopian Movement of Creative Reform and Transformation (DEMOCRAT) is an organization of independent Ethiopians that aim to promote democratic political culture in Ethiopia through dialogue and open and free forums. The mission and objectives of DEMOCRAT are guided by the principle of national reconciliation and peaceful conflict resolution; and because DEMOCRAT gives priority to negotiation via dialogue, its operational strategy as well as the analytic framework it employs in promoting democracy is essentially dialogical. However, the latter should not be perceived as acquiescence to the status quo; on the contrary, DEMOCRAT exhibits the highest form of integrity in its critical appraisal of the Ethiopian political landscape for the sake of reconciling Ethiopian democratic forces and help them iron out their ideological and political differences

DEMOCRAT is not limited to engaging democratic forces only; it will also extend its hands to non-democrats and individuals as well as groups who entertain ideas and political agendas that are diametrically opposite to ours (Us, Ethiopians who have been painstakingly sorting out strategies for democratic transformation of Ethiopia since the founding of DEMOCRAT). Perhaps, the only groups that we will not enter dialogue with could be elements that wish to violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia and who would intentionally create havoc to the Ethiopian society by serving foreign interests at the cost of Ethiopian national interest. However, DEMOCRAT will still engage in debate even with these kinds of anti-Ethiopian elements in order to expose them and also clarify our position and commitment to the Ethiopian people. Thus, irrespective of ideological, political, religious, and ethnic affiliations, DEMOCRAT will enter dialogue with all Ethiopian groupings including the ruling party and/or the seating government of Ethiopia.   


The Board of DEMOCRAT will soon reach out to all Ethiopians via its blog and other media tools and in the meantime for more information, feedbacks, and questions, contact us via democratethiopian@yahoo.com