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Dr. Ghelawdewos, ever since, premier Melez Zenawi, passed away (peace be to his soul) I started praying for Ethiopia daily in my daily morning prayers and I never ever miss a day praying for the peace and safety of Ethiopia since that time! I was deeply saddened to hear the ethnic/tribal riots and violence that broke out in Ethiopia recently and I even intensified may prayers for Ethiopia during this time. I really, really, do love Ethiopia and I believe even more importantly God loves Ethiopia because Ethiopia, as I believe, is a unique country to God! I keep wondering that Ethiopia existed as a nation for thousands of years and even long before Europe or North America existed as countries and yet Ethiopians were always united for the love of their country and kept defeating all kinds of enemies throughout their long history. I am wondering, what happen to that deep spirit of national unity now? Why is it missing and can it be revived again? Sometimes, I feel that the government of Ethiopia has focused so much on improving the economic development of Ethiopia that it has even forgotten or neglected to maintaining to work the collective feeling of national pride Ethiopian citizens.

 I believe there are three things or three responsibilities that should be carried out in Ethiopia now to bring back the peace and stability in Ethiopia for all Ethiopians. Two of them are for the government to carry them out and one of them is for the people of Ethiopia to carry it out. First one is that all peace-loving people of Ethiopia should come out into the streets of their cities, towns and villages and give their wholehearted support for the government efforts to keep Ethiopia safe and stable, that they fully support the state of emergency and that they should make it very clear that they are united against enemies of Ethiopia and they love and will work with their government and will reject those who are calling for divisions and chaos in the country. This one is for the people of Ethiopia to do as soon as possible. The government of Ethiopia should do those two things:

First, they should address the legitimate grievances that the people have and address those grievances peacefully and should try to deal with them in the long run. While addressing any legitimate grievances the government should also try to really win back majority of the youths and elders who are being deceived by the anti-peace elements who mostly live outside of Ethiopia and who are being manipulated by Ethiopia's external enemies and continuously expose their evil plots to the public.

Secondly, the government of Ethiopia, through the ministry of information and other viable ministries should and must unleash huge information campaign geared to restore the National Pride and the National Consciousness of the Ethiopian people (waking them up to their forgotten Ethiopianness) using nationalistic songs, poetry, drama, war stories and communicate this through the national tv, radio, newspapers and all other means of communication even through the church! The Ethiopian Lion Must be Awaken! And it can only be awaken in doing what I said above! Ethiopian people should be make aware that they are the pride of Africa, the pride of black people everywhere. They should be make aware that theirs is an ancient country, ancient holy culture and that they are carriers of the torch for the black people everywhere and that is why AU is based in Addis-Ababa and that is why black everywhere adore the Ethiopian Bandira (flag) and Ethiopian kings and history. Dear Ghelawdewos please pass those three points to those who are in authority. I swear to God, when I am praying for Ethiopia every morning those three points come to mind and are impressed on me (I believe) by a higher power!

Thank you and God bless you!