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Essays and Recommended Books on Ethiopian History

 The following essays on Ethiopian history are contributions made by Dr. Ghelawdewos Araia:


  1. The Magnificence of Aksum: Revisiting Ethiopian Civilization: www.africanidea.org/magnificent_aksum
  1. The Ethiopian Victory at Adwa: Meanings for Africans and People of African Descent in the Diaspora: www.africanidea.org/ethiopian_victory.html
  1. Ras Alula Abba Nega: An Ethiopian and African Hero: http://www.africanidea.org/Abanega.pdf
  1. The Great Unifier: Emperor Tewodros II of Ethiopia:    http://www.africanidea.org/emperor_tewdros.pdf
  1. The Martyred King of Kings: Emperor Yohannes IV of Ethiopia: http://www.africanidea.org/atse_yohannes.pdf
  1. Emeye Menelik Abba Dagnew: Emperor of Ethiopia www.africanidea.org/Emeye.pdf
  1. Lij Eyasu and Emperor Haile Selassie: www.africanidea.org/Doc3.pdf
  1. Revisiting Fascist Italy�s Crime in Ethiopia: www.africanidea.org/Revisiting_fascistitaly.pdf
  1. Brief Chronology of Ethiopian History: www.africanidea.org/Ethiopian_Chronology.html

    10. Tale of Agame: www.africanidea.org/Tale_of_Agame.pdf