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Ghelawdewos Araia�s New Book 2013 Release  


Democracy, Devolution of Power, and The Developmental State









Part I: Democracy in the Ethiopian Context

Chapter 1: Analytic and Historical Framework

Chapter 2: What Ethiopia can learn from American Democracy?

Chapter 3: What Ethiopia can learn from European democracies

Chapter 4: What Ethiopia can learn from some African Countries?

Chapter 5: Political culture in the Ethiopian context and the mindset of Ethiopians 

Chapter 6: The contribution of education to Ethiopia�s democratic transformation

Chapter 7: Institutionalizing democracy in Ethiopia

  • What Ethiopia can learn from its own historical experience

  • Preconditions for a democratic Ethiopia

  • Obstacles to democratization in Ethiopia


Part II: Devolution of Power: A Comparative Perspective

Chapter 8: Ethiopia compared to other devolving nations

         Eritrea and the modern Ethiopian state

Chapter 9: Devolution of power under the Derg regime

Chapter 10: Devolution of power under the EPRDF

Part III: The Developmental State: Ethiopia in historical and global contexts

Chapter 11: Theoretical Considerations: Meanings for Ethiopia

Chapter 12: Review of African Development: Dead Ends and New Beginnings

Chapter 13: The Developmental State in Comparative Perspective and Its Relations to Ethiopia

Chapter 14: Agricultural and Rural Development in Ethiopia

         Agriculture and Rural Development

        The Ethiopian Agricultural Sector Policy and Investment Framework (PIF)

        Green Revolution and Food Security in the Context of CAADP and African Development

        Structure of the Ethiopian Ministry of Rural and Agricultural Development

        Indigenous Knowledge

        High Yielding Variety

        Biodiversity, Adaptation, and Aquaculture: Alternative Source of Food for Ethiopians


Chapter 15: Trade and Industrial Development in Ethiopia


         Types of Industries

        Organizational Structure of the MOTI

        How Ethiopia Can Boost Its Industries and Become Competent

        Evaluation of and Critique on the Ethiopian Economy

        How Ethiopia Can Achieve Sustained Economic Growth 

Chapter 16: Education and Development in Ethiopia

         Background and Brief History of Education in Ethiopia

        Educational Development under the EPRDF

        Curriculum Development and Its Relevance to Ethiopia�s Transformation

        The Development of Higher Education in Ethiopia and Its Impact on Development

        Education and Development in Ethiopia

        The Social Benefits of Education and Its Impact on Development

Chapter 17: Reconciling Democracy, Devolution of Power, and The Developmental State

         Democratic Education

        Reinventing Democracy Ethiopian Style

        The Role of the Developmental State in A Multicultural Society

        Reconciling Democracy and The Developmental State in the Context of Democratic Governance

        The Role of the Ethiopian Developmental State in Nurturing the Domestic Economy & Attracting Global Investment

        The EPRDF Government and the Future of Ethiopia

Concluding Remarks    

All Rights Reserved � Copyright Ghelawdewos Araia

Note: The Book is a comprehensive survey of democracy, devolution of power, and the developmental state in Ethiopia and critical and comparative analyses of contemporary Ethiopian politics and development programs as indicated in the various chapters. The seventeen chapters of the book are designed to cater scholarly research methodologies and paradigms for academic circles and to serve as handbook for politicians, policymakers as well as political scientists and political economists.

The book will be published by the Institute of Development and Education for Africa (IDEA) and subscribers are encouraged to make a pre-order by either contacting the author directly via dr.garaia@africanidea.org or by writing to IDEA, Inc. and by using the following email address: webmaster@africanidea.org