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The undersigned Catellini Fulvio, born in Prato on 1/25/1963 and living in Montemurlo (Prato), Montalese Street 299, an Italian citizen, enrolled as member of A.N.P.I. (National Association of Partisans of Italy) puts forward and asks, as indicated below, how the mayor of Affile (Rome), Ercole Viri, has unveiled the mausoleum to Rodolfo Graziani, built with funds given by the region. For this project has been spending a sum of at least 1300.00 pounds that it seems is funded by the Lazio Region.

This sum of money is huge, both in itself and considering the serious economic crisis gripping the country. On top of all that, it does not absolutely seem that the manufacture can have such a huge price, taking into account the architectural simplicity of the construction and the fact that a very small team of two brick layers and three laborers, in a few days are able to build it from scratch.

Apart from this, we have to consider that, according to other journalistic sources, the cost of the work has reached 160,000.00 (one hundred thousand euro).

Therefore, it is necessary to establish, through the acquisition of the relevant decision, the exact extent of the amount spent by the town of council of Affile for the construction of the manufacture, and there is a need to verify its fairness.

In addition, it is also necessary to verify the accuracy and reliability of the procedure which led to the contract of the project to a specific firm, rather than to another. The ascertainments  described above are to be made for administration and accounting requirements, while from the point of view of history and constitutional law, it is to be noted that Rodolfo Graziani was first an exponent in the lead of the fascist regime and then of the little Republic of Salo.

Moreover, Mr. Rodolfo Graziani, in the years 1935-1936, that is, during the war with Ethiopia, as a commander of the southern front, made use of nerve gas, a chemical product banned by international conventions.

In the following years of Italian conquest of Ethiopia, which took place on May 5, 1936, in the same country, Mr. Graziani has made a slaughter [massacre]; moreover, as the governor of Libya, he led and executed ethnic cleansing of exceptional cruelty, eliminating physically all Libyan tribes hostile to Italy.

Finally, the same Graziani, in Libya, in the 1920s, made massacres and mass deportations of a barbarity never seen before, resorting to mass executions of populations who opposed the domain of the Italians.

Finally, in order to break the resistance against the occupying Italian troops, he resorted to using the method of extirpation and deportation of entire to other regions, which, it was witnessed, were transferred by force, to hundreds of miles away from the places they were born and lived before.  

For these glorious” feats Mr. Graziani is considered a fierce war criminal worldwide

It is worth to note, then, that in Italy, Mr. Graziani, in the immediate second post-war period, has been sentenced to nineteen years of imprisonment, of which two discounted, fro collaborating with the Nazis.

In fact, he was Minister of War in the puppet Republic of Salo collaborating with the Nazi in the capture and execution of the Partisans, who were world freedom fighters, while Mr. Graziani was not responsible to Italy, but to Hitler and the Nazis, the worst kind humans who walked over the planet. The sad fame (infamy) of Marshall Rodolfo Graziani is so widespread in Italy, England, Spain, and the United States, that, following the immediate days of the inauguration of the mausoleum to Graziani, a lot of international press have come forward claiming that the building [of the bust] offends the African people massacred by him, and in Italy, it is like going back to fascism.

Everything given and considered that, therefore, as the facts above are set out, fulfill the criteria of the offenses against the constitution, ATTACK TO THE CONSTITUTION, APOLOGY FOR FASCISM, EMBEZZLEMENT, DISTRACTION, ABUSE OF OFFICE ACTS; the undersigned SETS FORMAL COMPLAINT AND LEGAL ACTION AGAINST THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE:

1.    The Mayor of Affile (Rome, Ercole Viri, born in Affile (Rome), on 29/1/1960, residing at the Town Hall of Affile, Monte Duomo Street, No. 1, 00021, Affile (Rome)

2.    All town councilors of Affile who voted for the resolutions by which it was decided to build the mausoleum to Rodolfo Graziani.

3.    The May and all he councilors who fixed the amount of 130,000.00 Pounds or an amount in excess.

4.    Renata Polverini, as Presient of Lazio Region, born in Rome on 1/5/1962, and resident at the headquarters of the Region in R. Raimondi Garibaldi Street, No. 7, 00145 Rome

5.    To identify the Lazio Regional councilors who voted for the funding and for the crimes of apology of fascism and attack to the Republican Constitution.

In this regard, the questioning points out, that from the a journalistic news, seems the funding of the municipality of Affile, has come from the Lazion Region.

At this point, it should be noted that there can be no doubt that the material constitutes an offense in praising fascism.


It is not disputed when mausoleums are erected to national heroes, benefactors to humanity, not to war criminal fascists.

Enhancing the fascist representatives is an evident violation of the twelfth transitional provision of our Constitution, as well as an equally blatant violation of the law n. 645 of 20.6.1952, which prohibits the recovery of the dissolved Fascist Party and the exaltation of its members.

Furthermore, Marshall Graziani, during the twenty years of Mussolini’s dictatorship, was a well-known fascist, and after September 8, 1943, the date of the armistice signed between Italy and the Anglo-Americans, have joined the little Republic of Salo, putting himself under the service of a foreign power, Nazi Germany, which was at war with Italy.

In short, it is worth that enhancing an exponent right in the foreground of the Republic of Salo is tantamount to undermining our democratic Constitution that prohibits the recovery of the dissolved Fascist Party, in whatever form, and the exaltation of its members.

In addition, it in-depth investigations should be carried out in regards to the costs of the project. In fact, as a first photographic examination of the manufacture shows, it appears somewhat the cost of 130,000.00 and over for the construction of such a project has been exaggerated.

In conclusion, it is appropriate to investigate what kind of administrative procedure has been followed for the assignment of the project, as well as learn about personal and political relations existing between the Mayor and councilors of Affile, including the contracting construction company.

For all the above, the undersigned request the punishment by guilt of crimes, apology of fascism, attack on the constitution, embezzlement, distraction, abuse of official records, and to all other different offenses that the SV (yours Seignnoury) – will recognize the above facts and expose.

From the point of view of criminal procedure the instant REQUESTS, Expressly to be disavowed that notify you when the SV requires the G.I.P. storage of the writer produces the following documents:

Newspaper articles on the comments of the Italian and foreign press to the mausoleum of Rodolfo Graziani 

Prato 01.10.2012

                                                                                                Fulvio Castellani

The signature is authentic

The Defender, Lawyer Francesco Mandarano

Following appointment act.

Note : Translated from Italian into English by Awgania Yecunoamlak for IDEA, Inc.