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My dear Sabila, I am saddened by your departure
You’ve left us too soon
And I never got a chance
To examine your caricature

You and I have never met 
We did not converse one-to-one either
But I have known you very well
You are part of my soul
Part of my spiritual bowl
From which I drink the sacred oil

When I was informed of your ill health
As part of the extended family, I tried all avenues
And turned all stones
So that you’re physical presence continues 
But the Universe and God have their own ways
And have decided to invite you and embrace

As the ancient Egyptians have lamented to Osiris,
You have now become a child in the horizon of heaven each day
And we all will join you there some day

Now I console myself by borrowing phrases from the ancient Egyptians and say to you,

There is health in thy members
Thy wound are done away
Thy suffering is relieved 
Thy groaning shall never return

We love you all Sabila, my dear
We have gathered from far and near
Not just to mourn but celebrate your life
We will never forget you so long we are alive

You will remain in our hearts forever
The young, the old, the wise, and the clever
Shall commemorate your life together

You are now the shining sun
The flickering star
In the hereafter Ghelawdewos Araia, July 4, 2012