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Tigray Global Advocacy Group (TGAG) Press Release

May 3, 2021

Since the war was declared on Tigray on November 4, 2020 by the fascistic government of Abiy Ahmed and subsequent invasion of the Regional State by the joint forces of the so-called Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF), the Amhara Militia, and the Eritrean forces, TGAG, as its name implies, has been advocating on behalf of the people of Tigray who are the victims of genocide and other atrocities unparalleled in human history.

It is the historical duty and obligation of the TGAG to expose and fight the enemies of the people of Tigray; our organization understands very well that the Ethiopian people, the majority of whom are currently entangled in a very intriguing and enormous human suffering, are not the enemies of Tigray and the people of Tigray. However, TGAG believes that the elite rallied around Prosperity Party (PP), the top officials in the high echelon of the Abiy Government, the leaders and elite of the Amhara Regional State, the commanders and generals of the ENDF, and the Eritrean mercenaries, are the deadly enemies of the people of Tigray. Paradoxically, there are also Tigrayan elements whom we can now define as enemies of Tigray; these opportunist crooks are the members of the Prosperity Party and officials appointed by Abiy Ahmed; they are sycophants and traitors who remained silent when the civilian Tigrayans, who have nothing to do with the TPLF and with politics, have become victims of genocide.    

Since its inception, the TGAG, in its respective meetings, propagated a myriad of ideas vis-à-vis the realities on the ground on Tigray, more specifically with respect to the violence and destruction directed against the people of Tigray by the criminal perpetrators. Nevertheless, the TGAG strongly believes that masticating and regurgitating ideas only would not bring the desired result, nor would enable the organization to meet its objectives unless it is supplemented by action-oriented engagements and political measures. 

We at TGAG would like to make clear to the global community that the ENDF and the Amhara militia were already inside Tigray before November 4, 2020 when the government of Abiy officially declared the war; more so, TGAG members believe that preparations were underway since 2016 to invade Tigray; the closing of highways leading to Tigray and attacking Tigray ethnics residing in other parts of Ethiopia were symptomatic of the inevitable war in Tigray.

TGAG also believes that war is mankind’s toxic activity and results in destruction and massive human toll, and although major wars were conducted between nations and amongst members of a single nation (civil wars) for millennia, the scope of destruction and violence in Tigray is one incredible shock that members of the TGAG were never prepared for; political engagement in relation to conflicts is indeed fraught with frustration, but the TGAG is determined neither to remain silent nor disengage itself from the Tigray encounter and cause, and will struggle until peace is restored and Tigray recuperates fully from its present ordeal.

On top of advocacy and diplomatic works on behalf of the people of Tigray, TGAG has also a major project of post-war programs, including reconstructing the destroyed infrastructure, the many institutions like Adigrat pharmaceutical industry; Adwa Almeda Textile industry; higher institutions of learning like Adigrat University and Mekelle University; religious institutions like Al Nejashi Mosque and a nearby Amanuel church and the iconic and UNESCO site monastery of Debre Damo. Additionally, TGAG will not be satisfied in expediting novel solutions only; as stated above practical engagements are the prime objective and concerns of TGAG; therefore one of the immediate tasks of TGAG is to deal with the psychological scar of the victims of war of Tigray superimposed on them by the war criminals; the criminals cannot destroy the strong soul of the Tigrayan people, but they can inflict significant damage to the conflict-related psychological makeup of the victims; to this effect, thus, TGAG will assemble Tigrayan professionals, more specifically psychologists and psychiatrists and organize clinical support to the trauma and nightmare of Tigrayans. TGAG members are determined to become part of the energy that creates the future, and by its steadfast position it will delineate the foundations of a new history.  

It has become a standard practice for Eritreans and the ENDF to engage in mass massacres and mass sexual violence against the women of Tigray; the latter were not only victims of rape; they were also easy target to the most vicious and gruesome diabolical activity of the perpetrators who inserted pieces of pebbles, broken glasses, and dirt into the vulva of the female organ. What we have witnessed in Tigray is the reversal of the human to beast (the Abiy and Isaias forces) and the beasts to human (the predators in the wild); the latter are by far kinder compared to the former.

TGAG harbors no illusion on the nature and characteristics of Abiy and Isaias (the twin human-beasts); they preside over fascist-type autocracies and they are, without doubt, inhumane, cruel, and despicable in their governance; these twin monsters are not only miserably inadequate in administering their respective societies but, on the contrary, they have become experts of disaster. Irrespective of their behavior and conduct, however, the TGAG would like to see Abiy and Isaias at the International Criminal Court (ICC) and to effectuate this justice demand, we have already filed charge against the monsters back in January 2021.

On top of the vicious crimes committed by Abiy and Isaias and their foot soldiers, it should also be known that they are engaged in 1) forced deportation and displacement of the civilian population of Tigray; while the Amhara militia have forced the residents of Wolkait and Tsegede to leave their natural habitat and their homeland and “go back to Tigray or else they will be killed and dumped into the Takezze River” in western Tigray, the ENDF and Eritrean mercenaries have destroyed the homes of civilian Tigrayans in the northern, eastern and southern part of Tigray; as a result, in all Tigray 1.6 million people have been displaced and more than 60,000 sought refuge in Sudan; 2) massive detention of former members of the ENDF, federal police, and national security who happen to be of Tigray origin has been ordered by the Abiy government; the families of the detainees are also incarcerated in concentration camps; 3) arrests and disappearances of Tigrayan businessmen, former government officials, employees of companies and institutions, political activists and intellectuals in Addis Ababa and vicinity has also become routine to the Abiy’s miserable and timid government.

It should also be known that the joint forces of Abiy’s ENDF and Eritrean mercenaries will be defeated, and Tigray will win but the lingering Eritrean forces could create further havoc and destruction to the larger Tigrayan society unless and until they are completely ejected from Tigray. The heroic and brave fighters of the Tigray Defense Forces (including militia and special forces) have effectively destroyed the ENDF and the latter knows very well that they cannot operate in Tigray without Eritrean assistance. Now the desperate Abiy regime and his henchmen like Berhanu Jula (Chief-of-Staff) and Bacha Debela have resorted to a full of vainglorious lies, apparently an effort of damage control on their part but ineffective, nonetheless. In fact, they are also engaged in distracting the Ethiopian people from a more pressing problem in Tigray by conducting “civil strife” in the Amhara Regional State (the Aqaye-Kara Kore-Shewa Robit areas) in which some 300 to 500 innocent civilians were killed and over sixty thousand were internally displaced.     

Finally, TGAG would like to extend its gratitude to all diplomats and global organizations who stood with the people of Tigray. Our heartfelt thanks to the following who at least spoke out on behalf of the people of Tigray: The European Union (EU); The Biden Administration; US Senators and Congressmen/women; the British Parliament; Amnesty International; Human Rights Watch; Doctors without Borders; International Committee of the Red Cross (Geneva-based ICRC); Catholic Services; the UN Food Program; the Irish Government and the Irish Times; the many media outlets including the BBC, Associated Press, Reuters, CNN, NPR; Europe External Program Africa; and as of recent the United Nations Security Council. Special thanks also to all progressive forces around the world who participated in protests and demonstrations with the Tigrayan diaspora.