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I am for national reconciliation. I am for dialogue. Whatever authority I have, I will use it to that end. I hope people will support me," said, the noble lady from Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi.

Unencumbered by bitterness, matured by suffering, energized by rationality in concert with practicality, and anchored on the love of her people, this mature politician has fully internalized the power of dialogue, and the potency of conversation in the heat of a national crisis.

There is a lesson for us Ethiopians, a historic people who have fought wars, tolerated famines, and must surely be willing to give dialogue a chance to bring us together and triumph over the corrosive effect of ethnic and counter ethnicity.

The decisive advise of Dr. Ghelawdewos must encourage us all to enter into the deep recesses of our rational hearts and invite the prevailing regime to come to the roundtable of dialogue and aim at establishing a concentric circle of themes that we must address to save our nation.

I appeal to us Ethiopian to establish forums of national reconciliation globally and invite and encourage Ethiopians to discuss the future of our nation. All views including the viability of armed resistance can and must be freely discussed in the agora of the free market of ideas.
The official opposition members and the silent Ethiopian majority ought to come to these forums and discuss anything that would move our beloved Ethiopia forward in an atmosphere of freedom without domination.

At the end the leaders of the opposition must invite the Prime Minister to participate in the reconciliation movement.

The time is now. Reconciliation is long and life is short.