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The Suffering of Women in the Two Sudans 

October 30, 2013

The Institute of Development and Education for Africa (IDEA, Inc.) has serious concerns about the violence directed by the powers-that-be against the people of Sudan in general and women in particular in the two Sudans. This is not the first time IDEA, Inc. has brought the issue of violence and genocide in the Sudan to the attention of its subscribers. Back in 2007, IDEA presented "Darfur Should Exemplify the End of All Violence in Africa" (www.africanidea.org/Darfur_African_Violence.html) and on January 2011, just few days after the new South Sudan was declared independent, IDEA came up with an editorial entitled "The Tragedy of South Sudan" (www.africanidea.org/South_Sudan_tragedy.html). like IDEA, there are many other organizations that are advocating on behalf of the people of Sudan but most importantly on behalf of Sudanese women, who happen to be the easy target to government officials, the military, the police, and some camouflaged opposition groups. Some of these organizations that have been exposing the atrocities against women in both Sudans are Women for Women International, Unitarian Universalist Servcie Committee, Enough, and Darfur for Women Action Group. There are also individual activists who are voicing the sufferting of the voicleless Sudanese women. One of the latter group is the esteemed poet and scholar Toni Morrison and IDEA encourages its readers and subscribers to view the attached video and also spread the word in an effort to stop the violence against women in Sudan and South Sudan.
IDEA, Inc.