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By Aphilas Araia
August 7, 2011

1: Sticks and stones may break my bones and I donít have any cones.

2: I see a bunch of cars even though Iím going to mars.

3: I go to the mall and I see a ball.

4: I see a flash and I dash.

5: I see light and itís very bright.

6: There is a bee right next to me.

7: It may be dark but I can still see my mark.

8: I look in a book.

9: I read and then plant my seed.

10: I go to the top of the mountain and I see a fountain.

11: I see corn on a horn.

12: I see the grass even with all my mass.

13: I feel the cold air in my hair.

14: I pound on the ground

15: I stomp my feet on the street.

16: I start riding on my cart.

17: I see a bear eating a pear.

18: There is a lot of mold that is really old.

19: I see the number 7 and 11.

20: I open my bookcase and look up into space.

21: The Mayor was holding up a chair.

22: Iím standing on the floor and I see a door.

23: I have a lot of flowers and I have a lot of powers.

24: A lot of men are using a pen.

25: I have a pin thatís made of tin.

26: I have a phone but I still owe my loan.

27: There is a man holding a can.

28: My head is on the bed.

29: I munch on my lunch.

30: There is a lot of time to eat a lime.

31: A mime is holding a dime.

32: A tire is on fire.

33: A guy named Lou is wearing my shoe.

34: The staircase was very low and then I screamed no.

35: A mole is in a hole.